nodai's museum

taken at nodai's museum, we can eat dorayaki made from ostrich's egg there*belom pernah makan dorayakinya,huhu


nice cafe!*harganya juga sip,haha
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harajuku oh harajuku

Many people call this "harajuku style",.*teu ngarti
A senior high school student*kayanya ni bocah cabut dah(sama aja kaya gw dulu),haha
and a "doctor???"...*emoh gw disuntik ama dokter kaya bgini,bisa bisa kna rabies dah
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This place is where the emperor live,fiuh,,soo big.
After reading i got that the emperor is the symbol of the state and the unity of the people, moreover the emperor is believed as the son of lord sun...bla bla bla
I'm planing to go there, I mean go inside and...and...ummm,well let's see.hehe
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Cute little girl wearing headscraft
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ma birthday cake

Second post,
Super duper delicious birth day cake,given by PPI Nodai a month ago
Thank you so much!
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A beautiful sakura in bloom, and had fallen off the trees
*a month ago
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hullo world!

I'm gonna start with children's day "kodomo no hi", on may 5th. It celebrates the happiness of kids while giving thanks to their long suffering mothers.
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