takao red leaves


beautiful red leaves on the top of mt.takao

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love danbo -danbo series#1-


love danbo!
my danbo(and friends)goes to town for the first time.

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the university of tokyo night view


night view of the university of tokyo kasiwa no ha campus, great campus indeed. i will be missing that campus especially the canteen where i can eat the jumbo size bowl of kakiage, and also of course JAMSS kashiwa which is located the next to this campus, where i worked (did my part time actually), met mr.dorj, and got some ideas and lesson from him. Thank you mr dorj!

東京大学柏の葉キャンパスのナイトヴィウ、とても良いキャンパスだと思う。そのキャンパスを寂しく思うだろう、特に食堂。その食堂で大盛り(特盛の方が良いかな ;p)のかき揚げが食べられるから。もちろんJAMSS柏も寂しく思うだろう(このキャンパスのすぐ隣に位置している)。あそこでの仕事(バイト!)、ドルジさんに会ったこと、ドルジさんから色々なアイデアや教訓を教えて下さった。有難う御座いますドルジさん。
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ice skating last winter


ice skating last winter at midtown, roppongi. It was great even though i fell down several times, haha *well, the result is i don't really like ice skating ;p

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low speed "cinta laura and iqbal"


playing with low speed

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road to graduate school

i've done all of the test, now it's time to pray! and wait for the result
and go to indonesia of course ^^
*neng,pulang neng,sampe ketemu di indo! ;)

と。。もちろんインドネシアに帰国 ^^

the art of firework



a very beautiful art on the unlimited canvas

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its been a while....
Every dew-drop and rain-drop had a whole heaven within it.

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raisa nursaputri

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raisa nursaputri ^^

green day in action


green day on january 24 in saitama super arena. i have no word for the live concert but cool!

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L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one i see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

*don't know how to translate that song in japanese,hehehe. and i don't think i should translate it,,

*Nat King Cole
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they used mine

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this photo was taken during the coming of age day (or 成人式in japanese)on january 11. coming of age day is held to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached 20. then i sent this photo to metropolis magazine, and they used my photo on the first page!lucky!


moth or butterfly?

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i found it months ago after doing part time job at my campus. is it a moth?or a butterfly? but i guess it is a moth...ummm i'm not sure,what do you think?


looking out my dorm

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i took this last year, it was a sunny blue sky



this is not an advertisement of kirin coffee! i just like the goldish color back there

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